Our Mission

We strive to design simple, elegant websites that actually drive traffic and sales for small businesses.  We work one on one with our clients to help bring their vision to life with a responsive, effective, and beautiful e-commerce solution for each small business we work with.  Our staff has over 30 years combined experience in web design, graphic design, and creating stunning physical art installations.  Let’s work together to create something wonderful for your small business!


Responsive web design, designing for desktops as well as laptops, tablets, and phones, is no longer an option for small business.  It is a REQUIREMENT.  Customers expect that the corner grocery store or bicycle shop will have a web presence that works just as well on their phone as on their desktop computer at home.  We have you covered.  Mobile responsiveness is built right in to every site we build.  All sites are tested on 20+ desktop web browsers, on different operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Laptops of all flavors are used in our testing process as well.  Tablets and phones are not neglected.  We also test every site on Ipads and Iphones as well as Samsung tablets and phones.